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M&A for Digital Business

Who We Are /

Formula M&A is Lower-Middle Market Merger & Acquisition Brokerage firm. We represent acquiring and divestment clients to catalyze the next opportunity for high-impact growth.

What We Do

Buyer M&A Representation

Formula M&A assists buyers with full-service merger and acquisition support. We provide guidance through the planning and strategy phase for identifying prospective acquisition goals and opportunities. Most importantly we go beyond our network to prospect and execute off-market opportunities. We facilitate negotiations, asset transfers and closing to ensure smooth transitions for all parties involved.

Seller M&A Representation

Formula M&A provides sellers the ability dissect their business as a buyer would and properly prepare an opportunity for market. We assist in valuation, strategy, marketing, negotiation and closing with the proper formalities and forethought considered. Furthermore, we take your opportunity beyond our network and position it in front of new, matching buyers. See our case study below as an example.

Why Work With Us?

We Prospect Off-Market Buyers & Sellers.

Whether you are a buyer or seller, we go beyond our network to find likely prospects for your opportunity. These buyers or sellers are the proverbial stones worth turning over to discover if there is an opportunity for an acquisition. Formula M&A actively seeks out these “new” buyers and sellers for our clients.


Take your Quantum Leap with Acquisitions

To achieve the true prowess of growing your business it requires acquisition. The secret to seeing the exponential growth you dream of for your company is not in cutting costs or securing consistent revenue growth year over year, your competitors will keep absorbing market share with those sole practices. Instead, to really secure a future of becoming the authority in your industry you have to accept that acquisitions are how you get there. Time is the greatest asset, and with acquisitions you are compressing vasts amount of time into a singular movement by incorporating the learning curve, resources, talent, and potential of an already proven business model. At Formula M&A, we work with you provide end-to-end acquisition assistance, ensuring holistic strategy and aggressive actualization of acquisition goals. 


Don't exclude the true value proposition of your business

You are already aware there is more to your business than just the numbers, there is value behind the scenes – and we agree. And for us, a valuation is not simply a matter of financial history, there are other value proponents worth accounting for. We examine quantitative and qualitative value drivers in a business to uncover the true offering your business has to provide for an acquisition. We do not manipulate data or disproportionate KPI’s as an attempt to demand a higher acquisition price, we simply examine and extract the true value proposition of your business and communicate it to the right buyers. The right buyer is not simply looking for a cash machine, they are looking for something unique that adds value to their mission, we help you uncover and convey your unique proposition to buyers looking to make their quantum leap.

Appreciating The Highest Potential Value in a Business

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Our Proprietary Valuation Methodology

There is more to the value of a business than just the numbers. While quantitative analysis is the foundation of our valuation strategy, there exists qualitative factors in a business that are not often calculated in industry standard valuation methods. We examine those data factors and consider them as value drivers that objectively increase valuation metrics beyond basic financial calculations.

Please note, our valuations are considered Broker Price Opinions (BPO), should you require a more formal valuation please consult with the appropriate accounting counsel.

Case Study

Buyer: SaaS Productivity Company

Seller: Digital Geo-Identity Company

A case of compatible usage for user acquisition base.

The Seller approached Formula M&A to divest a segment of its company that was no longer needed. This asset was a productivity-based tool for coordinating time slot availability. This asset was producing positive, consistent profit via a subscription pricing model. The Buyer was a financial SaaS company that was expanding its reach beyond financial productivity and into general productivity SaaS tools, one being time coordination for meetings. The value proposition from the Seller to the Buyer was not the profit but rather the opportunity to accelerate the user base of the new productivity tool by acquiring the existing user base of the Seller’s asset. By acquiring this asset, the Buyer bypassed new user acquisition costs and, most importantly, time for acquiring thousands of new users.

Honesty & Integrity

-Cornerstones of Our Work-

Despite being an innovative M&A firm, we still hold traditional values as the foundation of our work ethic. Beyond the desire for us to see deals flourish we consistently reflect on these values. We constantly seek to maintain transparency with our clients and we understand that our work and actions can have resounding affects on our clients outside of M&A, which is why we operate with the highest standards of integrity for our clients.

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Strategy & Persistence

-Drivers of Success-

Our collective experience over the years has shown that the two recurring and concurrent actions that lead to the most success for clients are our strengths with strategy and persistence. Our strategy is comprised of plans, communications, and actions that progress the M&A goals of our clients, thus our work is laser-focused and purposeful. We do not use broad-spectrum practices to achieve results, instead we mindfully plan and execute on strategies that progress the mission between us and our clients. The persistence of these strategies is what drives the success for our clients.